About project

This is an original author’s project combining unusual fairy-tale stories and all sorts of tricks with baloons

Everyone knows with what to make a kid happy!? Balloons, of course!
And imagine that there are a hundred of them? Or a thousand?

The fairy-tale Balloonland is a wonderful country in which they can lift the spirits of any baby aged between one and 101 years.

Extraordinarily bright, airy scenery and costumes.

A huge castle and falls made of balloons,

-Acrobat on the ball

-Clowns and mimes

-Original image

-Music and interactive games

The concept of balloons is expressed in the scenery, costumes and tricks



Distinctive features of the show:

  • Interactivity of the show: children participate actively in the action of fairy tales, dance, and prompt actors on the stage;
  • Diferent baloons that are liked by both children and adults are framed in interesting, instructive fairy-tale stories;
  • Topicality of the subjects of fairy-tale stories— they are about friendship, love, kindness, and victory of good qualities over bad ones.

The Like Production Europe company invites everyone who loves fun and miracles to the  balloon-blowing interactive musical “Funny Balls Show”!

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LIKE Production Europe

Natali Danylova  PL
[email protected]

Sergii Kiselov  SK
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If you have any queries, please send message, and we will be in touch soon


OUR story

This fairy story began when the great inflatable ruler of the Balloon Kingdom King Ballon issued a royal decree! The trophy of the royal competition – is the hand and heart of King’s daughter, Princess Ballotta! The smartest, the most beautiful and the best master of blowing ballons will become a royal son-in-law, and also get a half-kingdom in addition!

All the inhabitants of the inflatable city are fighting for the heart of the beautiful Princess Ballotta! Even the main villain of the kingdom, Mosieur FlimmFlammer  decided to participate in the contest, presenting the dragon’s head to the royal court! In general, the whole kingdom is actively preparing for a ballon-wedding!

… and only Princess Ballotta dreams to fly as far as possible from the walls of the kingdom and see a big inflatable world! As you know, if you really want something, everything will come true! So the Princess Ballotta decided to fly out of the castle, see the world, and also get acquainted with the unusual resident of the neighboring glowing kingdom – Mr. Lumière, who masterfully manages the glowing balloons …

Will the princess return to the inflatable kingdom? Will the wedding take place? And will the evil be blown before the power of good? The answers to these questions are known only to the inhabitants of the inflatable kingdom, where we invite you with great pleasure!

Just listen!