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The Soap Bubble Theatre


It is an original author's project which , represents a series of productions for family viewing.

These are original fairy tales featuring unique characters where tricks of all kinds with small and big soap bubbles are worked into.

The fairy tale story touch upon moral aspects, help children distinguish between good
and evil, teach empathy as well as enable to feel important in the struggle for good personality traits. And amazing pictures drawn by soap bubbles on the stage enrapture both children and adults.

Such a combination of a bright show, positive fairy tale plots, and a high-quality execution is received by spectators the best. This unique combination is exactly what allows
the project touring a lot in the different countries of the world.

The breathtaking sight of huge soap bubbles and the dynamic comic show give an unforgettable feeling of delight to both children and adults.

The main characters of our shows are pupils of the magic "Hubble-Bubble School" – Saponice and Bubblittle. They diligently learn the craft of soap bubble taming. The charming "Hubble-Bubble School" teacher Ms. Fay Wizardson helps them with it. The mean Master Blowcheater makes everyone laugh and enraptures with swearing, teasing, and suffering soap bubbles which get easily turned into giggling ones by Saponice and Bubblittle!

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